How to make the most of rooms without windows when you’re selling property in London

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  • Windowless rooms can be attractive and creative
  • Use lighting techniques to imitate natural light

Although the London property market is buoyant right now, maximising the selling points of your home is as important as ever to make the most of your investment.

For properties with spacious rooms, large windows and attractive views, this shouldn’t present too many difficulties however, for sellers whose homes have a less than ideal room without any windows, the challenges thrown up in terms of interior design can prove to be problematic.

Making windowless spaces an asset in a thriving London housing market

Our estate agents at the Nine Elms branch of Henry Wiltshire reassure sellers that a windowless room need not be an insurmountable problem. “Whether the room without a window is a bathroom, converted basement or dressing room, sellers can rest assured that with the right layout, furnishings and décor their space can be just as appealing as any other room in the home.

While some homeowners are under the impression that painting the walls in vibrant shades are the only solution when it comes to brightening up a windowless room, in fact it is possible to use any colour as long as the correct lighting techniques are used to imitate the warm glow of natural daylight.

Tips and tricks for stylish windowless rooms

When creating optimal lighting conditions in a room with no windows, there are some clever tips which homeowners can try. Although it is true that using a light coloured paint, wallpaper or tile is a great way of compensating for a lack of windows, using large mirrors to reflect the existing light is another quick and easy way of maximising the space.

Reflect and redistribute light with large mirrors and soft lighting effects.

Another key factor is the design of the ceiling – a false or drop ceiling can distribute light much more easily, especially when paired with soft coloured lighting.

An attractive floor design is also instrumental in contributing to the style and flair of the room. Bright shades and pastel hued flooring is one way of ensuring that no further brightness is lost, and when used in conjunction with pale furniture, it will effectively replace the missing natural light.

Of course, the main problem with a windowless room is which type of lighting to install. While ensuring an adequate amount of light is key, it is also vital to avoid achieving an unintentionally clinical effect which will make the space harsh and unappealing.

Accessories and focal points

While furnishing, lighting and decorative choices go a long way towards making a windowless room more attractive, estate agents in London believe that accessories and details are essential to putting the finishing touch to the space. When potential buyers view a property, they are more likely to be swayed by tasteful décor and stylish touches.

Adding plants to a room without windows introduces a natural element to replace the daylight which is missing, while furnishings made from wicker, wood or other natural materials will enhance this effect even further. Eye-catching accessories with popping colours will detract attention from the lack of windows, while the importance of paintings should not be underestimated. Wall art can effectively replace the view which is lacking to generate a point on which viewers can focus, thus diverting their gaze from the windowless walls.

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