Some great reasons to rent in Royal Docks

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Our letting agents in Royal Docks want to talk to you about the best reasons to rent property in London E16 and also keep you informed on the things to be aware of in the greater scheme of things.

Positives of being a tenant in London

Flexibility is one of the biggest positives for many tenants. When life throws you a change in direction you can follow suit with your living quarters.

Independence is a great thing. That freedom to live where you want and follow your college or work to give you a shorter commute is a big plus. Many renters state that flexibility is the biggest advantage of being a renter. They can change with the times and move in the direction life takes them with relative ease and short notice. This is especially useful for students or short contract workers. After a year or two they can simply move on without the headache of buying, selling and legal fees etc.

Another positive for renters is the social side of things. Flat sharers get to have their own space but not be alone. When moving to a new city or town on your own it can be a daunting prospect having to figure things out by yourself. Flat sharing helps this process and gives people a sense of family and a positive social experience. 

Renting awareness

One of the biggest positives of being a renter is the fact that maintenance is a concern for the landlord and not the tenant. Once you have a good landlord then you can simply let him know if there is a problem and he will arrange for it to be solved. Most landlords do not want their property to fall into disarray and will take care of any issues in a timely manner. 

Finding a good landlord is therefore crucial to the renting process. Also, ensuring you are part of a good deposit scheme will give peace of mind. See Henry Wiltshire’s tips on how to rent in London to show renters the way. 

Renters are very much aware of the negatives of their situation. The fact that they are paying another persons mortgage while not saving for their own can be an issue. Rising rents do take away from the ability to save a mortgage deposit. However, this is not a deterrent and in fact for most renters the positives far outweigh the negatives. More flexibility and less responsibility are definitely great reasons to rent.

Renting Services in Royal Docks

In addition to our let-only service for east London landlords, we also offer a full property management service to maintain and look after London rental properties. This can give peace of mind to both renters and landlords. For more information on letting in Royal Docks and surrounding areas, give our team in Henry Wiltshire a call today. We can answer any questions you have.

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