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If you’ve decided to make the new year a good time for a new home or you have already found a new apartment to rent in Canary Wharf, our Canary Wharf letting agents want to give you some advice on how to make your move a less stressful one.

Renting property in Canary Wharf

This is the time of year when we make those decisions about the year to come. We want that new job, that stronger body, that better place to live. There really is no better place to live than Canary Wharf and if you’ve already found your ideal space then well done. If not and you are looking for properties to rent in E14, then stick with us.

A good mental image of your new space is the key to not landing in it with totally unsuitable furniture or worse still, furniture that simply won’t fit!

Either way, here are some words of advice from our team on how to make that move into a resolution that you can work through without too much heartache.

Important considerations when moving home in London

Organisation is the key and the old phrase ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ definitely springs to mind. As soon as you’ve put that deposit down and you have a move in date then it’s time to get started. Writing a to do list will simply show you what you need to do in order to make your move go smoothly. It will also show you the volume of work it takes to move but don’t be daunted. Break them down into a timeline. Once you have them spread over two to three weeks they will become much less a mountain and more of good uphill stroll. 

Moving out of your old home

1. Firstly, decide how you are moving all your belongings. Are you renting a van? This is fine if you only have limited possessions but doesn’t always work if you are moving a whole apartment or house. If you wish to use a removal company look for one that is registered with BAR. Shop around, the cheapest removal company isn’t always the best. Go with one that can give you a good service and some flexibility if the date is to change at the last minute.

2. As soon as you’ve decided how you are moving your stuff you need to be clear how much stuff you are moving. Now is a great time to do a de-clutter. Do you really need all of the things you have accumulated over the last number of years? A few runs to the charity shop or a car boot sale could lighten the load significantly.

3. When you know what exactly is coming with you then you can start the packing process. Do not leave this until the last minute. Buy some labels and get some boxes. Start by packing out of season goods and clothing and non essentials. Label the boxes and pack them carefully.

Moving into your new home in Canary Wharf

4. Have a good mental image of the new space you are moving into. Will your current furniture fit in there? Are there built in appliances etc that will lighten the load you have to bring with you. Plan each room and know what you will need to bring in advance. Make sure your couch will fit up the stairwell etc. Perhaps make a list of any new items you will need to purchase for your new home. Knowing in advance will take the stress out of it.

5. Get utilities and paperwork in order. Changing your address and cancelling any bills that cannot be transferred over to your new property is imperative. Putting any insurance in place for your new home before moving day is a good idea too.

6. When moving day comes, packing those essential items last and labelling them is a must. When you are busy unpacking in your new home you can at least find the kettle and mugs for a brew. You will also need to know where your bed linen is. You are going to be tired and will need your rest. Don’t worry, it will definitely be worth it.

Thinking of renting an apartment in Canary Wharf?

If you would like to find a new place to let in Canary Wharf or surrounding areas give our team in Henry Wiltshire a call. We have lots of properties in E14 on our books and may have the perfect new home for you in 2019.

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