Separate beds – a new trend for two master bedrooms

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  • One in six couples now sleep in separate bedrooms
  • More people are looking for properties with two master bedrooms

New research shows that as many as one in six couples sleep in separate bedrooms. It’s not that relationships are on the rocks, nor is it a new method of contraception. Modern lives have become more hectic, meaning that sleep is not only more necessary but also more hard-won. After a hard day of client negotiations and meetings, the last thing anyone needs is a snoring partner keeping them awake. Many sleep therapists recommend sleeping alone for a better night, and it’s certainly catching on.

Henry Wiltshire’s letting agents in Nine Elms said “We are seeing a rise in couples opting for two bedroom apartments in Nine Elms with the intention of sleeping separately. It’s very bizarre but many of my clients have told me it’s done wonders for their relationship, very strange!

This phenomenon is known as “sleep divorce.” This sounds disastrous but, to many, it’s actually a positive step, helping many couples stay on an even keel. With a better night’s sleep behind them, many “separate sleepers” are finding they’re better tempered and able to be more positive (and forgiving!) during waking hours. Couples are healing rocky relationships, not by sleeping together, but by sleeping apart.

The rise in sleep divorce is also changing the way we buy and sell houses. Couples – particularly those looking to buy at the higher end of the market – are looking for two bedroom properties so they can each have their own space. Some developers are even creating residential units with two master bedrooms so that residents don’t have to compromise. These are sometimes being marketed as “snoring rooms,” or – as our more tactful sales managers say – “quiet rooms.”

At Henry Wiltshire, we’re selling and renting more two-bedroom apartments to couples than ever before. Whether they’re restless sleepers, keeping crazy hours or even to enjoy different room temperatures, we’ll never know…but this is certainly a housing trend to keep up with,” said our agents.

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