Planning to sell a family house in London? Choose the right estate agent to secure the best price

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  • Henry Wiltshire sees high demand for family houses in London as well as new-build flats
  • Marketed at the right price, family houses can sell quickly and successfully

As we watch countless new apartment blocks being constructed around the UK capital, it would be easy to think that there’s no demand for three bedroom, semi detached houses with driveways and gardens. In fact, the demand for family houses is there, and with the right price and the right marketing, they are attracting a lot of attention from likely buyers.

Selling houses is different from selling apartments

A great example of this can be seen in Hayes, where Henry Wiltshire is selling three-bedroom family homes like this one. Our estate agents at the Hayes office explain more. “It’s relatively easy to buy an apartment – most first-time buyers have saved up for their deposits and then bought an affordable flat that will be easy to sell on. It’s important for second-time buyers to remember that they’ll be saving up again as they take on the greater financial responsibility of owning a larger property. Fortunately, most second-steppers are motivated by their growing families and go into house-buying in the right frame of mind.

The importance of understanding London house prices

Houses can be very different even within the same street, so it’s important that the price reflects the merits of the individual property.

Meanwhile, over in East London, a six bedroom house in E17 has seen a great deal of interest. “We received the first offer on the house within forty-eight hours of it appearing on the website,” say the estate agents in our Canary Wharf office. “More offers have come in since then, and all are very close to the asking price. Getting the price right is absolutely key when you’re selling a family house in London. Under-pricing is unfair to the sellers, and might make buyers wonder what’s wrong with the house! Over-pricing is unlikely to attract anyone – people buying family homes are usually looking for space and value for money.

How Henry Wiltshire prices your property

Henry Wiltshire’s estate agents have long experience of pricing family houses. Our agents explain: “Pricing a house is quite different from pricing a flat. While flats within one development tend to follow a standard layout, it’s very possible for all the houses in one street to be completely different. This means that using the selling price for another property in the street isn’t necessarily useful – it’s only ever a starting point. After that, we use the size of the property, how good a condition it’s in, and the location, proximity to schools, public transport etc, to come up with the price the property should be advertised for.

Selling your family house in London

As well as being experts in selling family houses in London, Henry Wiltshire also offer a free property valuation service. Whether your property is in E17, UB3 or anywhere else across the capital, the Henry Wiltshire team are here to help you sell it. Contact our London agents today.


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